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Erkunde Sepia, Stile und noch mehr!

alter Baum mit vielen Ästen- wunderschön

Love ♥ Welcher Baum ist das? Wundervoll!

Tierra del Fuego - Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego "The trees are the fossilized dialogue of the wind, That deposited the balance of his soul. This wind that, from being Southern, Bend the vertical dimension, And furiously enrolled it in the surreal creeping foliage. Screaming lengas . Madness came in the tree and it lay down like a wave. Breaker of clenched branches, pain of the posture...

Cieba (Silk Cotton Tree) the Sacred Tree of Life for the ancient Maya.

Juniper Tree Varieties – Is Juniper A Tree Or Bush

Growing Juniper Trees: How To Plant Juniper Trees - Plants in the Juniperus genus are termed “juniper” and come in various forms. Because of this, junipers can play different roles in the backyard. Is juniper a tree or bush? It is both. Click here to learn about juniper tree varieties and care.