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Erkunde Bulgariche Und, Und Das und noch mehr!

Der Ersten Weltkrieg 1914-1918 Serben, Kriegsverbrechen von sterreichisch-ungarischen (Kroaten + Bosniaken) bulgariche und das Deutsche Reich (Pegio Belgrade) Tags: serbia ww1 belgrade corfu 1weltkrieg gouvia

Barracks next to Royal Palace in Belgrade, Serbia, 1914

Heroes of Serbia - Memory Eternal , Beograd, objava rata

- 1915 - A 12-year-old Serb assists at an artillery battery in Belgrade.

SERBIA AND THE BALKAN FRONT, 1914 – The Outbreak of the Great War – Review by Wayne Osborne

The beginning of the disaster: 5 August 1914 - Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia - Montenegro declares war on Austria-Hungary - Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia - Serbia declares war on Germany - 9 Aug- Montenegro declares war on Germany - France declares war on Austria-Hungary - United Kingdom declares war on Austria-Hungary - 22 Aug - Austria-Hungary declares war on Belgium - 23 Aug - Japan declares war on Germany - 25 Aug - Japan declares war on Austria-Hungary

Yorkshire-born Sergeant Major Flora Sandes recovering from wounds obtained at the front while fighting in the 2nd Regiment for Serbia - image Kralj Aleksandar. WWI ~

Flora Sandes-the only British woman to serve in combat in WWI. was the only British woman to officially serve as an infantryman in the war, the first woman to ever be commissioned as an officer in the Serbian army, and performed so many intense acts of badassitude that she's now considered a war hero in both her homeland and her adopted country of Serbia.