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Erkunde Leishmania, Unter Dem Mikroskop und noch mehr!

The back of the patient two months after stopping miltefosine treatment. Multiple, small, and painless papules have developed in the whole body around the old lesion scars. Numerous parasites were observed microscopically in slit-skin smears and cultures taken from the new lesions. Leishmania infection - health coach (

Colorful killers. A new vaccine protects mice against parasites that cause leishmaniasis. A vaccine could save tens of thousands of lives every year. Scientists report that they have used snippets of DNA to spur mice to fight back against parasites responsible for the illness, an approach they hope to soon begin testing in people. Leishmaniasis is caused by microscopic parasites of genus Leishmania; 20 different species can sicken humans, hits poor residents of tropical countries hardest.

Today, I helped a friend attempt to catch woodrats ( Neotoma micropus ) and sandflies. She is working on her thesis....she's on the hun...

La Leishmania rappresenta un genere di protozoi flagellati, che vivono parassiti entro le cellule di vari tessuti, determinando diverse malattie, che si

HHMI -- Life Cycle of Malaria Parasite in Human Host - YouTube