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Runes- Sie können Ihre eigenen Runen aus Kürbiskernen oder auch Glasperlen machen (sie billig an Kunsthandwerksläden).

Book of Shadows: #BOS Witches Alphabet page.

Viking Runes by Ralph H. Blum

Moon: #Moon Magic: "The Moon is mysterious and worshiped in many cultures. She has always been perceived as female and is cyclical like women. She mirrors the changes of our lives from 'Maiden' to 'Mother' and to 'Elder.'" Contrary to what is said here, the Moon has frequently over the millennia been perceived as masculine, rather than as feminine, and Moon Gods are quite common. The word "Moon" itself, in fact, derives from the Old English Mōna ("Moon"), who was the Anglo-Saxon Moon God.

The meaning of Easter

Ars Goetia ~ Lesser Key Of Solomon #goth #magick

Symbols and Their Meanings | New

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