Erkunde Vergessen Götter, Run Dom und noch mehr!

danielodowd: ChenHongtao

HAHAHA YOU TRIED Kris will always be there..... you can't get rid of his presence no matter how hard you try sm

Headcanon: Imagine Teddy Lupin's teachers looking at the list of upcoming students and being like, "Oh, Lupin! Remus was a good student, despite what he may have gotten into with his friends, his son should be no real trouble" now imagine eleven-year-old Teddy jumping off of the stool after being sorted and his hair turning his House colors and everyone simultaneously remembers who his mother was

Poor Adam. I hope that at some point Adam comes back and is the big baddie, just because.

Team free will... and Adam

Adam ist dazu verdammt vergessen zu werden xD jeder adam

Jesse, Jacob, Kate, and Adam (May his sweet soul rest in peace as much as is possible in the Cage) [I don't think any have unresolved story-lines per say, though it would be awesome to have any of them back, except for maybe Jesse, who I believe imagined himself truly away, where he could never hurt anybody ever again.]


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