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Erkunde Der Kaiserschnitt, Aus Meiner und noch mehr!

How To Be Fearless When Birth Is Looming – Part 2

What are you afraid of about labor, delivery and birth? You can overcome your…

3 Wahrheiten über Kaiserschnitt-Mütter

6 Positions For Labor You’re Not Thinking About

I always thought that the only option was laying down in bed. Now I know that's exactly what I don't want to do! I'm going to use these positions for labor for my birth every time I'm pregnant.

Kaiserschnitt oder natürliche Geburt? | EMMA

Will Stripping Membranes Induce Labor? See For Yourself

When your pregnancy is down to the line and your due date is near or come and gone, your practitioner may ask about stripping membranes to induce labor. Sounds

Birth Affirmation Coloring Page -Free Printable!-

An All Natural Postpartum Survival Kit

This is a picture of my postpartum survival kit that I left in my bedroom/bathroom that had everything I needed for a postpartum care kit. Bottom balm for my lady bits. Rhoid balm for hemorrhoids. Arnica for bruising and much more!

If you're getting ready for a baby, you definitely want to read about these 10 things that will make life easier after your bundle arrives!