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White is my favourite colour because it makes even the most simple things look classically beautiful!

bianco---➽ album➽λευκό➽white➽blanco➽weiß➽белый➽白➽أبيض

Motivwahl,Schwarz Weiss,Schneeweiß,Weißes Haar,Transparenz,Fotografie,White Wit,White Ish,Style White

I can't stand being the person that I've been. I'm an impending car crash, And you're the first one on the scene. I'm a defeated commander, I'm a half-deaf composer, I'm a strange name whispered in a dream. I could have been anyone I imagined I could be; I just needed somebody to wake me from my sleep. I could have been Napoleon, could have been Beethoven, Could have been anyone but uncomfortable me... -Frank Turner, "Josephine"