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Top 10 Mixed Martial Artists

I'm not saying Trump is perfect, but he genuinely loves America and is far better than Hillary!

Multicultural Sports News: How Much the Highest-Paid Athletes Earn Per Second...

China's Zou wins decision in pro boxing debut - Boston Herald - -

Panama Al Brown 1st Hispanic Boxing World Champion "Alfonso Teofilo Brown was born in Panama in 1902. His first real exposure to boxing came when he was a young adult, clerking for the United States Shipping Board at the Panama Canal Zone. He saw American soldiers boxing and maybe if they'd been playing basketball or squash he'd have gone in a different direction, but they were fighting. Soon he was too. Brown turned pro in 1922 under the guidance of manager Dave Lumiansky and very quickly…

Just released: third video shows More undercover evidence on planned parenthood's black market sale of babies organs.

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this is true but i like him tho

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