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Erkunde Schneiders 1956, Schwarz und noch mehr!

Shadows and white shapes. Without seeing the shadow maker - we can still guess what shape-shifter is interdicting the light. The only reason that we don't loose the shape of things which are covered in shadow is because the shape-shifter has allowed just enough light to break through. These eggs look very reptilian in this presentation - don't they? Was that apparent at first look by you? Or did I point it out? Funny how the power of observation works in the trained mind. Omelet anyone?

Faden,Lass Mich Gehen,Schön,Korporal,Don'T Let,Lets Go,Wonderland Fly,Red Fate,Rebel Soft

Kunst Ii,Bearbeitung Zeug,Zerbrechlich,Puzzle,Kunst,Fotografie,Weiß,Pretentious Bullshit,Pale Tone

Wunschliste,Minimal Photography,Zen-Meditation,Allein,Simplicity Pic,Achieving Simplicity,Pad Photography,Martin Koitmäe,Float Simple