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Weaver. Landauer Twelve Brother's House manuscript, c15th Century.

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Master Collection Chiku Chiku 01 - Felt Wool Doll Step-by-Step - Japanese craft book

Master Collection Chiku Chiku 01 - Filz-wolle-Puppe-schrittweise - Japanisches Handwerk Buch

Diego Velazquez "Prepare to die!" ~Via alexander gior~gadze

German tool maker 1606 "Requirements: anvil, hammer, tongs, poker, bucket The brother worked with the hammer a glowing metal tip, which he holds with the tongs on the anvil. Other metal tips are next to the anvil and on a table at the back of the workshop. Here is a second anvil. On the wall and on the wall bracket in the window opening hang various saws, a large saw blade is in the foreground at the bottom, while a poker in the fire pit and metal spikes are." Amb. 317b.2° Folio 72 recto

Amb. 279.2° Folio 14 verso (Landauer I) Inschrift und Bildnis entstanden nach dem Tod des Bruders. Datierung:1524

Amb 317b.2 ° folio 87 verso 1610 The brother sits hunched before his Wetrkblock and meshes with a large, two-slip wool brush. More wool is ready in a basket on the floor.