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Erkunde Harald Haarmann, Mittleren Osten und noch mehr!

Harald Haarmann die "Donauzivilisation" (alt Europa) - YouTube

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RESERVED for Chris H - Tureng Tepe Type Figurine

I based this hand made female figurine on one from the 3rd Millenium BCE, found in Tureng Tepe, Iran. Some scholars believe it is a representation of

earthenware pot, Jomon period (ca. 1500–1000 BCE) Japan - Figure-Patterned Deep Vase

Kaunakes refers to thick cloak and is a woolen skirt worn by the Sumerian civilization around 2,500 B.C. It was woven in a tufted pattern creating overlapping petals or feathers.

Jochelson, Waldemar, 1855-1937, “Tundra Yukaghir shaman, Siberia, 1902,” AMNH Digital Special Collections

ancient_neolithic_vinca_idol_figurine_5000_b___c__1_lgw.jpg (545×726)

Woman & Child Firgurine -- Circa 3000 BCE -- Badari Culture, Predynastic Egypt -- Carved Ivory -- Neues Museum, Berlin