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SPX Fabrics - Giordano Studios 'Owls Of Wonder'

Body von klimperklein mit Maus Applikation

Don't like every pattern here on the coat, but something dark with a flashy pattern would make a great statement.

This would be great for ceramics- multiple think layers of clay / let them dry for different amounts of time / carve out shapes revealing the underneath layers

Lynn Yarrington, New Haven, Vermont -USA says "Each garment is handwoven individually on Macomber floor looms, dressed with rayon, silk, cotton and chenille yarns and incorporates a variety of techniques and colors ranging from rich neutrals to vibrant jewel tones. Garment shapes range from fitted and tailored to relaxed and unstructured, each designed to move with ease, elegance and style with the complex lifestyles of women today."

boro: I'm sure the women of Gees Bend never saw this but...

bm-066-01-6095 R. Kaufman - Jane Shasky 'Sunny Day' Bildgröße 110 cm x 60 cm

Hamil Textiles Susybee 'Norton Gets the Cheese!' Bildgröße 90 cm x 110 cm ki-105-13-6095

This zip pouch is made with scraps sewn together to form panels, DIY Tutorial. Кошелек на молнии

Benartex - 'Winterscapes' Bildgröße 110 cm x 60 cm we-400-03-6037