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My version for the The Fool, the card 0 of the standart tarot. "The Egg is the sum of Zero. He who is hard outside, and soft inside. The Fool is the egg itself, who see the origin in a funny way. H...

Fool from the Knapp-Hall Tarot

Fool - Tarot of the Ages, I was lucky to get one of these decks years ago, hard to find & expensive now

oliverhibert: Just finished The Fool.!! So many more to go!!...

Zombie tarot cards are now part of the zombie bandwagon that has emerged. | The Fool (Victoria Frances Tarot card) | Victoria…

09/03 Today's Tarot Meditation Insight: Have faith that things are going to work out and you will achieve your goal. The bright yellow of success is all around you and helping you to stay afloat in both action and insight. You’re not the fool others may think you are. Your outlandish ideas may actually do the trick and bring into reality, the final piece of the puzzle. ~ Click the link to read ALL of today's message.

O THE FOOL In some ways, the fool is the embodiment of trust. Yet the fool’s trust is untested. He is inexperienced. This is the card that is closest to the child archetype. Like the child, the fool can go gaily forward because he has not yet had to deal with the hard realities of the world. His outlook is still innocent, with limited understanding. The positive side is the fool’s unquestioned trust, his enthusiasm and spontaneity. The negative side is that it is ungrounded.

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