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Erkunde Mareike, Felidae Drei und noch mehr!

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Von A wie Anton bis Z wie Zita: Die 200 schönsten Babynamen

(open rp, be him please I need someone who is going to be very dominating.) I fall asleep with my little baby, Arrow. I just start to doze off when the baby's father barges in. I jolt up and bring my baby girl close. He forced me to have her. Some boyfriend he was, I have tried to escape but he beats me when I do. "What do you want?" I mumble. He looks upset as usual.

Music Just in case somebody asks why music is so important to me. Well, because one simple reason; music has always been there for me. It's my dearest friend.

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Galaxy Fairy Tail Logo | iPhone 7 - Snap

I want this imprinted on a hoodie...I will never change my clothes ever again...

#Infj #MeyersBriggsTypeIndicator #MBTI #storyofmylife #Introvert #iNtuition #Feeling #Judging

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Which Magic Spell Do You Need?

((Open RP)) It is late at night. The time of night when your deepest secrets come out. I sit on my bed and tell my best friend my secret. "I was chosen at birth for a very special mission." I tell him. "Sure you were, Jess!" He says rolling his eyes. "No, really I was!" I say frusterated, showing him what I could do. I wasn't suposed to tell any one, let alone show them. But I couldn't keep it to myself anymore. There was one other person somewhere in the world who was like me. My mission…

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An entry from Maja

There is nothing like stillness and solitude (and a good, quiet and loyal friend!) to sweep away the busy-ness of life and see clearly what is most important to you!