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Rathbun-Jones 7 cylinder diesel generator Don Datisment-???-Scott Eisenhart (Roger Johnson)

Watchtower Farms powerhouse Ronnie Culverhouse on Rathbun-Jones 7 cylinder diesel generator. We loved these engines and had a great time restoring them.

Rathbun-Jones 6 cylinder piston was 16" diameter and had a 24" stroke 1st engine to run in Watchtower Farms Powerhouse

Scott scraping a babbit bearing (Roger Johnson)

Watchtower Farms Powerhouse Rathbun-Jones 6 cylinder diesel generator pistons and rods

Powerhouse Switch Panel - 1970 Watchtower Farms

Hercules Generator for emergency power in the Powerhouse - 1970 Watchtower Farms

Powerhouse Control Panel - 1970 Watchtower Farms

Rathbun-Jones 6 cylinder ready to run - 1970 Watchtower Farms

Hercules emergency generator supplied power to factory 2 lighting and powerhouse startup. It would startup automatically when lost electricity. It was so loud that even if you knew it was going to start it would scare you. 1970 Watchtower Farms

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