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Erkunde Sprüche Zitate Pt 2, Zitiert Kunst und noch mehr!

I use to think that whenever someone yells at me in anger.

Everyone knows I am a hard worker and love helping people. It bothers me that some are just here to ride the clock doing close to nothing but still have a job. I sometimes ask myself why do I work so hard just to pick up lazy peoples slack? Then I realize... People still need help, and those lazy people won't help them, so it's up to me!

Think About it Tuesday. .. (Your Issues are not my Issues) This is TRUE if I allow them to be. Sometimes we take on other people's Issues, problems or negative energy without knowing. You have to pray them off if your listening to a dear friend or sister. The moral of the story is...It just means your human and caring. Do you pray after listening to other people issues? Do you take on your friend's and family issues? Do you allow negative energy to takeover and destroy your entire day?…

I don't kiss anyone's ass. not even theoretically.

for years.... and years..... lol...

Couldn't have said it better.

Mess with me-no problem. Mess with my kids-I will show you all kinds of crazy you never even knew existed.

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