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Erkunde Atlantik, Steine und noch mehr!

A Quick Guide to Mocking Your Boss on Facebook Without Getting Fired

The right of workers to get together and moan about their bosses has been enshrined in U.S. law ever since 1935, when President Roosevelt signed the landmark National Labor Relations Act. The heart of the statute, known as Section 7, guarantees employees the right to organize, collectively bargain, and "engage in other concerted activities" for their "mutual aid and protection." That basically means you've got permission to whine about management at a bar without getting canned.

The early cashcrop of the southern colonies, tobacco opened the door to the settlement of the mid-Atlantic and southern seaboard. Not only enticing groups of European settlers, tobacco paved the way for slavery in North America. As the south grew an agrarian economy the import of education diminished in a direct correlation to the requisite manual labor. This is evident even today, as the south maintains some of the best athletic programs yet falls behind in comparison to the edu in NE…

Upon the conclusion of the conquest of Poland, a smiling Adolf Hitler decorates his generals with the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, Nazi Germany's highest decoration for valor. From left to right: Halder, Guderian, Hoth, Strauss, Hoepner, Olbricht. Those were heady days -- before Hitler became obsessed with beliefs that his generals disobeyed his orders and avoided pursuing the war with the requisite determination.

UPS begins testing emergency drone deliveries with CyPhy Drones might one day blanket cities dropping off Amazon goods but in the short-term theres plenty of opportunity for them to help out in limited engagements where delivery via other means would be difficult impossible or just not quite expedient enough. UPS kicked off trials of deliveries of that kind this week with a pilot flight to drop a small package (containing a mock asthma inhaler) to a summer camp located on an island in the…

Too tulle for school: how the prom crossed the Atlantic

Totally cute prom dress - although if I knew a teenager wearing this I'd encourage them to have it shortened to tea length. Shorter is cuter. Coast is a popular choice at the top end of the market: this silver maxi dress has the requisite sparkle. £496,

Pantsuits Are the New Pantsuits: 20 Gorgeous Reasons You Need One in Your Life

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This picture shows Soldiers on look out for enemy submarines during the Battle of the Atlantic. The Battle of the Atlantic was an important war for the allied forces as it was their major way of supplying their troops fighting abroad. The true battle began when German forces began using submarines to destroy the supply shipments. This forced the allies to develop an escort system which would allow merchant ships to travel safely with the protection of war ships.

From 1942 onwards, the Germans also sought to prevent the build-up of Allied supplies and equipment in the British Isles in preparation for the invasion of occupied Europe. The defeat of the U-boat threat was a pre-requisite for pushing back the Germans,

10 Small Places That Influenced The World