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Bilimbi is called belimbing wuluh (Pickle Fruit): Rare Fruit Seeds and Exotic Tropical Fruit Seeds. It tastes sour.

Poha Berry, Physalis Peruviana, Cape Gooseberry, Inca berry, Aztec berry, Golden berry, Giant ground cherry, Peruvian groundcherry, Peruvian cherry (U.S.), Pok pok (Madagascar), Poha (Hawaii), Ras bhari (India), Aguaymanto (Peru), Uvilla (Ecuador), Uchuva (Colombia) and (rarely) Physalis. It is indigenous to South America and is closely related to the tomatillo.

Dovyalis abyssinica or Tropical apricot is native to Southern Africa and India sub-continent. The fruit is edible, yellow to purple globose 2-4cm diameter, containing several small seeds. They are very juicy and with an acidic flavour.


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Obst, Maracuja, Passionsfrucht -

Asian Tropical Exotic Fruit: Longkong (found in Thailand, Philippines, etc.) #Lanzones in the #Philippines - Peel then eat the flesh but not bitter seeds.