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Erkunde Echten, Holland und noch mehr!

The Netherlands, Province of Drenthe - Westerbork: Visit the beautiful province of Drenthe. You'll stay in a charming hotel Abbey and to the last detail. So wait a delicious 3-course dinner on the second day and get 1 day rental bikes with route. You can also make free use of the solarium and various hiking trails that take you to the most beautiful places Drenthe lead, like this dolmens near Westerbork.

Hunebedden @ Havelte

Hunebed D21 en D22

Dolmen/Hunebed D21 - Bronneger (Borger), the Netherlands

Drentsche Aa, Vries, Drenthe. The Netherlands

Deze foto heb ik genomen op één van de mooiste heide- en stuifzandgebieden van Drenthe. Zo mooi ongerept en heerlijk rustig! Locatie: Gasteren. Foto: Linda Verkerk.

Drents Heath sheep in the early morning sun. Gasterse Duinen, Drenthe The Netherlands

Mist in de ochtendgloren Fochteloerveen, Drenthe, Netherlands