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One Day Project: Kid's Backyard Tire Swing

DIY Kid's Backyard Tire Swing

Vacation DIY idea. Collect sand from different beaches to fill a jar. Make sure to label each with place and time.

Pinner Wrote: Put a sticker on your apples while they are still green on the tree. As they ripen, the part under the sticker stays green and you have a custom stenciled apple. I'm guessing this would work with veggies from the garden too.

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13 Ways to Recycle Old Tires

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FINALLY A PIN THAT WORKED AND WAS AWESOME!! Take a 2 liter soda bottle, and poke holes in it. Hook your hose up to it, toss over a tree branch (we made our own since no good branches nearby) and turn on the water!

So much cooler than a tire swing and it won't collect water... OR SNAKES! This is soo awesome!

DECOR:: GIRLS' BEDROOM:: INSPIRATION ~~ this would be a great bunk bed for the girls room @Melissa Squires Squires-TheHappierHomemaker