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Erkunde 1570 Staatliche, Histori Kleider und noch mehr!

Birnhelm / Garnitur bestehend aus Birnhelm und Schild Mailand. Um 1570.

Italian armour for the field and tilt, pauldron | 1570

Scythian iron(!!!) daggers and knives with gold plating. 6th-5th c. BC, from Arzhan - 2, Scythian royal necropolis in Tuva, Southern Siberia.

Balaclava / set composed of Balaclava and shield, Italy, ca. 1567

Roman parade helmet Roman Empire, Middle Franconia, 2nd Century AD

Harquebus Armor of Pedro II, King of Portugal, ca. 1683 Attributed to Richard Holden (recorded 1658–1708) English (London)

Milanese Armour Helmet at Poldi Pezzoli Museum Milan Italy

Armor for Henry II of France (detail) METROPOLITAN MUSEUM

Burgonet Date: ca. 1550–55 Culture: Italian, Milan Medium: Embossed, etched, and partly gilt steel