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Erkunde 1570 Staatliche, Histori Kleider und noch mehr!

Birnhelm / Garnitur bestehend aus Birnhelm und Schild Mailand. Um 1570.

Italian armour for the field and tilt, pauldron | 1570

Balaclava / set composed of Balaclava and shield, Italy, ca. 1567

Scythian iron(!!!) daggers and knives with gold plating. 6th-5th c. BC, from Arzhan - 2, Scythian royal necropolis in Tuva, Southern Siberia.

Milanese Armour Helmet at Poldi Pezzoli Museum Milan Italy

Morosini Helmet (1550-60 CE Milan)

Harquebus Armor of Pedro II, King of Portugal, ca. 1683 Attributed to Richard Holden (recorded 1658–1708) English (London)

Armor for Henry II of France (detail) METROPOLITAN MUSEUM

Burgonet Date: ca. 1550–55 Culture: Italian, Milan Medium: Embossed, etched, and partly gilt steel

16th century engraved breastplate from a man-at-arms' harness.