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Erkunde Keltische Eisenzeit, Celtic Traum und noch mehr!

Interior of a reconstructed roundhouse at Castell Henllys Iron Age hillfort

Called the 'Bregenz Epona', this is a representation of the Celtic Goddess Epona, in classic style, sitting sideways on a horse. Sandstone relief. 1/2 Century AD, from the temple district of Brigantium.

Blog (German?) about re-enactment - with this gorgeous reconstructed house at Birka

Maison Gauloise, Second Age du Fer Reconstitution au Parc Archéologique d'Aubéchies

An iron age roundhouse, the protogenor of the broch tower. The experts think this was the most likly roof structure that sat atop of the broch. Archeaology shows posts holes in some brochs meaning these beams would continue from the ground floor to support the roof about the second floor. Also note the artist has included a fire on the ground floor, where did the smoke go???

Wikinger-Haus Lizenzfreie Stockbilder - Bild: 19043129 I want to build a house like that!

HALLSTATT CULTURE ARCHITECTURE 2ND-1ST MILL.BCE Straw-thatched Hallstatt log-cabin from Roggenbrunn, Austria. Reconstruction. Hallstatt Period (Early Iron, 8th-4th BCE) Size: 670 x 510 cm, floor 90 cm below exterior ground level Museum fuer Vorgeschichte, Asparn/Zaya, Austria