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LIM-6bis Polish upgraded Mig-17F (Lim-5) for fighter bomber role.

Dassault Super Mystere 185 of these French fighters were built, gaining notoriety in several wars with the Israeli Air Force.

SR-71B Blackbird Manufacturer: Lockheed Model: SR-71B Blackbird Serial s/n: NASA 831 Tail Code: 831 c/n: 61-7956 NASA Edwards AFB, 1995 956 was the first of only two SR-71B trainers built, and first flew on 18 November 1965. The only other B-variant trainer, 61-7957, crashed on approach to Beale AFB on 11 January 1968.

The MD454 "MystereIVA" was a fighter developed and produced from 1953 by the French company Avions Marcel Dassault (AMD). It was an evolution of the Ouragan and MystereII with however major aerodynamic changes to improve transonic performance. It was the first French supersonic fighter even if the passage of sound barrier could be obtained only through a slight dive. It was used by the French Air Force as well as India and Israel.