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Erkunde Häuser Aus, Aus Holz und noch mehr!

Bildergebnis für häuser aus holz

How To Remove A Dent From Wood Not a cool tool but a cool use of some ordinary tools...

How to Create a Color Washed Effect on Wood

how to get a color washed technique on wood

Woodworking plans for rolling shelf cute stuff in the garage!???! why not

Teds Woodworking Plans Review

If you have a wavy wall that you want to perfectly fit a board to, use a washer to roll a pencil along the wall (and the board) to get a precise cut (or sanding) line. [From Popular Woodworking] #woodworking

The Universal Multipurpose Workbench

On Instructables, more than everywhere else, almost all projects will come out from some kind of workbench. However, and after quite a bit of research, I didn't find any model of workbench actually fitting my expectations. Some looked pretty nice, some other were easy to build, heavy duty, suited for wood working, mechanics or electronics, but none of them seemed to regroup all those characteristics together. This workbench was my attempt to solve this problem.You are poor? Don't hav...

11 Ways to Keep Your Workshop Neat and Tidy

use furnace filter over fan to extract sawdust etc from air #tips

Circular Saw Blade Examples.

How to Make a Dining Table from Reclaimed Wood

How to Make a Dining Table from Reclaimed Wood | Apartment Therapy