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Erkunde Das Gefühl Etwas S, Etwas Wachsenden und noch mehr!

This is Chikashi. he is 16. He's bullied at school because he has a crush on a boy in the choir. He loves reading. All types of books really. Some of his favorites are survival books. He also really loves rainy days. He lives to listen to it while he reads and if the rain is light he'll even take a walk in it. Adopt???

BTS | JHOPE and JIMIN// hobi looks like he's saying "pass on, this is none of your concern"

Tate from American Horror Story Season 1: Murder House (2011)

If These 10 Disney Villains Were Beautiful…

If These 10 Disney Villains Were Beautiful…

Anime boy- I don't know if this is an anime character from some show but hes hot

Tbh, Alois is one of the characters that I find truly annoying. He is a pathetic brat. I know he has a terrible past but that is no excuse to: 1. Poke someones eyes out; 2. Act spoilt and 3. Make Claude do everything. This guy can't do sh*t and whenever he fails he whines at Claude. Lots of people love him because he is cute in appearance, some people may like his twisted personality and some people feel sorry for him which I can understand. (Continued in the comments)


'Supernatural' Halloween episode spoilers: Dean rushes to Benny's side in 'Blood Brother'

When a pack of vampires beat the you-know-what out of Benny, he calls Dean for help. Surprisingly, Dean doesn't hesitate at all.

(>>Auch deine Augen. Wie sie sind. Nicht wie sie aussehen, deine Augen sind anders, aber wie sie strahlen und du sie etwas zu kneifst wenn du mit mir flirtest.<<)