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Give your horse a touch of personal style by applying quarter marks days before the show. #quartermarks #horse #equestrian

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7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Horses.

Protect your horse from insects and heat this summer with a good quality horse sheet combo from Weatherbeeta. Checkout this presentation from to find out why this is the best pick to for your horse.

Using a #falsetail is a great way to make your #horse's tail look fuller. Learn how to put one on your horse in this presentation from

You can make your horse's socks white with the use of quality grooming kits. Learn how to do this on your own by reading this presentation from

Putting decorative markers into the horse's coat helps draw attention to a well-conditioned show horse. Learn some common patterns of quarter markers to put in your horse's rump in this presentation.

Do you need to learn to plait your horse for a presentation? #horse #plaiting

You can wrap your horse in protective sheets during the spring and summer months without necessarily restricting their freedom of movement. Read this presentation from Horseland for more details.

Have you ever sat down (no pun intended) and thought about how correct your rising or posting in trot actually is? Rising or posting in trot is one of the first aspects we learn when starting out r…