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How To Grow A Kiwi Plant From Seed – DIY

How To Grow A Kiwi Plant From Seed – DIY

Ficus elastica — you gotta love this plant! Mine has grown a lot and I love having a medium size plant that I don't have to stress about.

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Garden Plans for Shady Spots

Shady Haven Garden Plan Enjoy your garden even on hot, sunny days. This shade garden, filled with lots of color and texture, will give you plenty to look at through the year. Garden size: 23 by 12 feet.

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Deck Design Ideas

Large sculptural plants and vivid colors create plenty of drama in this fusion-style patio garden. You Might Also Like... See more of RMSer Ozymndius space. Advertisement

Cornflower, Tall Double Mixed Colorslifecycle: Annual Uses: Borders, Cut Flowers, Dried Flowers Sun: Full Sun Height: 30 inches Spread: 10-12 inches Sowing Method: Indoor Sow Bloom Duration: 8 weeks To spread or place the seeds in a medium where it can start to germinate.

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Stunning Shade Garden Design Ideas

Get More in Less Space_Grow vines to add an extra layer of color to your shade garden. Smaller vines, such as clematis, are often happy to scramble up the trunk of small- to medium-sized trees. Bigger vines are ideal for covering a wall or creating a privacy screen. Test Garden Tip: Three of the best vines for shady spots are Dutchman's pipe, climbing hydrangea, and Virginia creeper.

echium webbii, also known as Pride of Madeira - used to make a beautiful show in our garden in Sarnia, Durban, KZN