Erkunde Lebens 1, Kette Die und noch mehr!

Kette ♥die bunte Saat des Lebens 1♥ | Made by Kaddl

Makramee Tutorial (russisch), um ein Stück Glas/ einen Cabochon o.ä. zu ummanteln

swansong-willows: (via Pinterest)

Riesen-Silber von SquilLina auf Etsy

☯ Healing necklace ☯ Spiritual necklace ☯ Love nature necklace ☯ Forest necklace ☯ Gemstone macrame necklace ☯ Gift from heart ☯ Unique gift ☯ Fantastic handmade micro macrame necklace with agate stone and metal beads. Natural slice lilac and brown agate stone is taken from the biggest cave gallery in the world Grotta Gigante in North Italy. The measurements of the stone are 7/3.5 cm and it is surrounded from macrame knots and metal beads, which takes the form of a tree crown. The total ...

Seductive macrame set with red and cream glass beads, crystals and golden beads, specially made for your special occasions with a lot of love and care of the detail. Central part of the necklace is taken of a passionate red crystal with diameter of 12 mm. Red crystals bring you energy, courage, passion and love. Red is the color of passion, energy, and life. It is a very strong color—the color of fire and blood. Red is a call to action, a battle cry and a sign of warning. It excites us…

Videoanleitung für einen Makramee-Anhänger mit Halbedelsteinen von Macrame School auf YouTube

Mandala macrame with the power of Flower of life by LunaticHands

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