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Erkunde Homeschool Staatsbürgerkunde, Islam und noch mehr!

Democracy by Shaikh Islam via slideshare

Government ppt by Susan124 via slideshare

Forms of Government and Economic Systems by FerenKristen via slideshare

Citizen participation-in-government.2011-12ppt by HeatherP via slideshare

Week 15 day 2- how to citizens participate in government- computer lab by marypardee via slideshare

Systems of government powerpoint (unitary, confederation, federal)updated 2010 by North Gwinnett Middle School via slideshare

Constitution Detectives

This is a great group activity to teach the students about the US Constitution. Who doesn't like to be a detective?

History Videos for Kids: Washington Getting to Know George Washington

Branches of Government Interactive Tree Activity

Students read facts about the government, written on leaf shapes. They sort the facts based on the government branch described, and glue each leaf to the correct branch of a tree they create.

Honoring 9/11 - A Delicate Balance

Blog post with information and free resources for discussing 9/11 with students