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Erkunde Schaf Auf, Deich und noch mehr!

nice Fotografie »Schaf auf’m Deich – Föhr«, #Naturansichten

awesome Fotografie »Schafe auf Winterweide @ Winter Nº 20«, #Naturansichten

awesome Fotografie »Zwei Schafe«, #Landleben #Naturansichten #Tierbilder

Those ears...finest of silken wool,cutest to a melting point tout de suit :))) P.s...what´s hap if feeting them beta carotene (flamongos - like ) - carrots....;) ?

That gray wolf looks like hes trying to cover up the fact that the black wolf is drunk as shit. Its ok, gray wolf. Drive save and stay away from black holes and you should get your friend home just fine

von Etsy

REserved Listing Custom Size Photo Sheep in Pasture

Looks like a painting.

von My Modern Met

Dramatic Portraits of Farm Animals Capture Them in a Different Light

In photographer Kevin Horan’s series Chattel, he poses a question: what would it look like if his ungulate neighbors came into the studio and asked to have their portraits made? The Langley, Washington-based artist captured hoofed animals (also known as ungulates) that are on and around Whidbey Island. He depicts an up-close and personal view of the creatures that are part of farmland and nursery rhymes. Horan’s subjects are set against a dark background, and his limited color palette…

von Etsy

Country Sheep Photograph Cute Smiling Sheep White Pickett Fence Farm Animal Wall Decor 8x8

Smiling sheep! ♥


If Rembrandt Painted Farm Animals, They’d Look Like This

Portrait of a Tawny crossbreed ewe looking off to the side in dramatic lighting. Reforming these lost connections with livestock is what motivated Cally Whitham to create farm animal portraits that look like Dutch master paintings.


Baron: The Future of Sex

The Future of Sex - the best of both