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Erkunde Geschichte Drachen, Der Wind und noch mehr!

Callanish Standing Stones © Heinz Lack

Die berühmte Drachenkopfnadel aus Haithabu

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At the root of the Norse myth cycles are women called völva (singular) or völur (plural). These the priestess diviners or seeresses whose work was esteemed and depended on for a long time in the Norse lands by humans as well as gods. The word völva translates to “staff carrier” or “wand–wed.” The völur lived outside of the hierarchical structures of the culture and held a place higher than any seated official. They were fed and cared for in exchange for their work. In ceremonies called…

"Yggdrasil is the world tree. Its branches stretch across the sky and its evergreen leaves covers the world." The World Tree by Tina Solstrand

Rowan (Jan. 21 - Feb. 17) With the Rowan tree comes excellent taste. Your ogham is Luis, which represents strength in the areas of insight and discernment. The Celts linked the crane and the green dragon to the energy of the Rowan tree. Your color is gray and your gemstone is peridot.