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Erkunde Geschichte Drachen, Der Wind und noch mehr!

Celtic Warrior

Wales in Roman times my grandfather on my mother's side was born in Cardiff, Wales.

Rev Robert Kirk, the 17th-century minister who wrote a pamphlet about the lifestyle of the faeries and as a result, an ofttold story has it, they spirited him away. He is buried in the kirkyard in the village of Aberfoyle, on the fringe of the Trossachs, but a tall pine tree sticking up on the summit of nearby Doon Hill reputedly contains his spirit, mysteriously transported there by the shadowy "beings" who were angry with him for giving away some of their secrets

Caer Ibormeith Irish Goddess of sleep and dreams; and perhaps a less violent version of Mare; daughter of Ethal Anubail, a faery king of Connacht. She often took the form of a swan who lived on a lake called Dragon’s Mouth, and wore a copious golden chain with 130 golden balls on a silver chain about her slender neck.

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