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The American singer Dean Reed lived for 14 years in East Germany-But Ernsting, having done the research, knows otherwise. "He committed suicide, I'm quite sure about that," he says. Why? Times were changing, and the new generation in the communist East weren't interested in an old-school freedom fighter like Reed. And the singer couldn't go back to the US, where he had burned his bridges by comparing Ronald Reagan to Stalin in a "60 Minutes" interview -- a comment that prompted a flood of…

Everyone knows about the Stasi and the extent to which it spied on the East German populace. But that was only a small part of the informing that went on. New research shows that snitching was vastly more common than previously thought.

Germany Berlin (West) Wedding - West-Berlin people watching the escape of Frieda Schulze, who escaping out of the window of her flat in East-Berlin to West-Berlin. Bernauer Strasse — September 25, 1961

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"Altstoffe"sammeln. Mit den mühselig gesammleten Groschen wurden keine "Freiheitskämper" unterstützt, sondern diese lächerlichen "Villen" in Eandlitz gebaut.

Rica Reinisch,-The 15-year-old swimmer was one of the games' sensations - winning three gold medals and setting three new backstroke world records, including an astonishing 1min 00.86sec for the 100 metres. The next year she set three European records. In 1982, however, Reinisch collapsed at a training camp in the Ukraine, suffering from inflamed ovaries. She was flown back by helicopter to her training base in Dresden.