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Germany, 1450 This is the Coronet that I want if I am ever made a Baroness in the SCA.

Minneallegorie mit Spielszenen Der Spieleteppich im Kontext profaner Wanddekoration um 1400.

von hemmahoshilde (@Hilde's home)

Bianca Maria Sforza – the Bachelorette

Bianca Maria Sforza's headdress by Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis. <--- You are welcome to read more about her wedding on my blog :).

Lange Gliederkette (Gliederkette) Inventarnummer: T866 Datierung: um 1600 Ort: Norddeutsch (?); Material/Technik: Gold Maße: L. 171,5 cm Sa...

Fingerring mit Hasenmotiv (Fingerring) Inventarnummer: T243 Datierung: 16./17. Jh. Ort: Westeuropäisch; Material/Technik: Gold, Email, Türkise

Schmuckrosette oder Kettenglied Inventarnummer: T872 Datierung: um 1550/1600 Ort: Norddeutsch (?); Material/Technik: Gold Maße: D. 2,8 cm, ...

German; Silver, cast Dimensions: H. (with eyelet) 2.1 cm, 1.1 cm D. Representative Auszier of clothing and jewelry at the same time were silver belt, belt kits, metal buttons and decorative pieces for sewing. They, too, were subject to the urban sumptuary laws. For the goldsmith they were an important source of income. Silver Buttons. Silver, cast. Summary: To reflect social standing clothing and jewelry were embelished