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Erkunde Dem Kann, Zu Fuß und noch mehr!

Taubendreck, Abgase und abgeplatzter Putz: Wer zu Fuß durch die Paul-Heyse-Unterführung muss, dem kann Angst und Bange werden. . . Foto: Katharina Alt

A dying soldier clutching to a priest after being hit by sniper fire. Whether you're religious or not, this soldier was given comfort in this last moments by an extraordinary brave man.

Theodor Fontane's Effie Briest: Elisabeth Baronin von Ardenne.

Young Hemingway in hospital during WWI

Watching TV For The First Time, 1948

Before and after the civil war…

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Hey Sister Librarian! Lucille Baldwin Brown, the first black public county librarian, ca 1940s by State Library and Archives of Florida, via Flickr

U.S. Cutting crew, 1911, Eastport, Maine. All these boys were cutters in the Seacoast Canning Company, Factory #7. Their ages ranged from 7 to 12. The seven year old boy in front, Byron Hamilton, has a badly cut finger, but helps his brother regularly. Behind him is his brother George, eleven years old. He cut his finger half off while working. At times they started work at 7am & worked all day & night until midnight. The work was very irregular. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine jj

Portrait of a young woman, c. 1856-1900.

Friends at the beach, 1890-1900s.