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Erkunde Wilde Leben, Frisuren und noch mehr!

American Actress And Singer Eartha

American actress and singer Eartha Kitt, before having dinner with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, New Delhi, India, 1955.

Eartha Kitt....another Catwoman...great voice.

Eartha Kitt on set

Eartha Kitt in Oscar Wilde’s “Salome”, 1955. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW. I looooove Eartha, and I love Salome, and I can go die happy now.

Vintage Black Glamour - in pictures

The Guardian previews the new book VINTAGE BLACK GLAMOUR by Nichelle Gainer. My boards are rich with images I first saw on her fabulous blog of that same name. Think who you know who deserves a truly wonderful present... maybe you. Check out the link. [here: Eartha Kitt in the 1970s]