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Erkunde Gemalt Die, Der Vogelperspektive und noch mehr!

Ist hier im Wüstensand ein Ufo gelandet?

Wie gemalt: die Desert Breath aus der Vogelperspektive

Timbucktoo-- Timbuktu is an actual city, located in Mali on the southern fringes of the Sahara Desert.

Hole N’ The Rock, Utah

Atacama desert in bloom

A Fiery Pit Rages in the Turkmenistan Desert

In the Karakum Desert in northern Turkmenistan, a fiery pit has burned since at least the 1970s. The burning crater, called the "Gates of Hell" by some locals, was formed by accident. Engineers who were drilling for natural gas had stumbled upon a cavern with gas emanating from it. To contain the potentially harmful gas' release, they set it ablaze, hoping it would burn out in a few days.

The Most Beautiful Places in Russia

The Manpupuner rock formations also known as the Seven Strong Men Rock Formations are a set of 7 gigantic abnormally shaped stone pillars located north of the Ural mountains in the Komi Republic, Russia.

Mesmerizeing Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in California


Smoke Falls of (Cachoeira da Fumaca) Bahia Brazil