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Bild: Bizarre Tiere (© Keren Su/Getty Images)

Giraffe neck - A female gerenuk, also aptly known as the giraffe-necked antelope. A denizen of the arid Samburu in North-eastern Kenya.

pair of bucks with velvet antlers in Shasta Valley

The giraffe has valves in its neck that slow the blood to the brain, which has a spongy organ right before it that absorbs the blood and releases it gently to the brain. Without these, the blood would gain enough speed when a giraffe lowers its head that the blood would burst its brain.

Bongo, central Africa. Unlike the Mountain Bongo, the Bongo of Central Africa is only Near Threatened. Despite this, it may soon be upgraded due to habitat loss and hunting.

Hibou sous la pluie (Owl in the rain)

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