Erkunde Essen 1945, Deutschen Soldaten und noch mehr!

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Ungarin gibt einem deutschen Soldaten in Budapest zu essen, 1945.

WW2 Photos - Page 43

Soldiers of the Waffen SS (one with a MP40)

Stolperstein in memory of Mr. Imre Kinszki (1901-1945), at the entrance of his former domicile. Budapest, District XIV, Róna Street Nr 121. ((Today I will pin this to say, if a world cared this person would not have been deported to a death camp...We learn nothing. 2013,10,000 plus slaughtered per week, 1year + in Syria to nothing more than a yawn by toothless world leaders... Including our own....and on and on.... so it goes.....))

German soldier with a kitty cat

One of the Soviet tanks that crushed the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 lingers on a street corner in Budapest, while a couple hurries past.

Military demonstration at Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday celebration in Berlin.

Budapest, 1945. Rocket launchers for Soviet soldiers (120 mm)

Berlin at the end of WWII

panzer budapest 1945

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