Erkunde Keine Mutter, Keine Kinder und noch mehr!

Zwei Väter, keine Mutter: In der Schweiz dürfen gleichgeschlechtliche Paare, die in einer eingetrage- nen Partnerschaft leben, keine Kinder adoptieren. Die Forschung setzt Fragezeichen hinter das Verbot.

What happened when my family first saw dan and phil. Also, after I said that they're not cannon my dad said "there's no way they're straight, I know what it looks like to be in love, and it's that."

The irony of life, in general:

And this mom, who was totally in on it with Grandma Becky:

WikiLeaks Exposes Clinton’s LGBT Support as Scripted Political Expediency ~ Clinton had zero interest in supporting gay rights—until it was no longer risky to be an LGBT advocate

Harry Reid.....Read his no-holds-barred attack.

Parenting is parenting. Personal preferences don't affect the preferences of a child.

No one told me I would one day look at my son and think, "Please don't let him become a serial killer."

Perfection!!! I hope to have this one day<3

"If you look at the vast majority of things that define who my moms are, or who my family is, it’s really no more accurate to say that my moms are gay married than to say they are Packers-fan married, or work-in-health care married." — Zach Wahls, 23, raised in Iowa by his two mothers (Photo: Gabriela Herman)

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