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von Delving into History _ Periklis Deligiannis


Capacete da cavalaria romana... Roman mask helmet, 1st 2nd century CE. These are often called 'parade' helmets for cavalry sports use, but it has been suggested that they were also used in combat. The psychological effect of being charged by one of these masked warriors would have been formidable.

Follow the Mark of Athena - the goddess said - Avenge me.

Full set of aged Roman armour from the movie "Spartacus, blood and sand".

A huge kitchen trend seen across 2016 and continuing to grow, is integrated kitchen-living spaces, and with that the most common feature is the kitchen island. - Incorporate storage in your island – either open or closed, or perhaps a mixture of both. As well as being functional in terms of more space, it can also act as the main focal point and design feature in your kitchen. Check out our blog for the full article.

Paul Walker love this picture ❤ one of my favorite

Celtic swordsman with body paint and lime-washed hair. It has been suggested that the lime washing was somehow a sacred rite of Epona. Nevertheless, it adds a fearsome aspect to the warrior.

This helmet is one of the best preserved of its kind face helmets as synthesis were not in combat, but worn by Roman cavalry soldiers in parades and competitions. The tournaments and parades appear under the Emperor Hadrian 117 -138 A.D.

An ancient Roman onyx cameo, 27 BC, depicting the imperial eagle, symbol of Rome's power (and Jupiter's attribute), holding a palm branch, symbol of victory, and oak wreath (corona civica), symbol of glory; it marks the honour given to Octavian who delivered Romans from civil war, and signifies that he was under the protection of Jupiter. (Kunst Historisches Museum Wien)

Royal Ontario Museum - Roman armor.. Fish-scale armour, like Bedwyr used to wear in his earlier days. I think he got tired of it, trying to keep the scales clean and intact.