Erkunde Schmetterlinge, Makronen und noch mehr!

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Leaves and Butterflies: Hauchzarte Macarons

Message from Gunnar L:Dear Contributors and Friends of ~ Andrea A Elisabeth ✿ I know many of you are waiting to hear news about her recovery. This message is just a short update on Andrea’s situation. I am afraid there has been complications, and more surgery. Please continue to share your best on her boards, and do not hesitate to write messages to her if you want. I will do my best to copy, print and deliver them to the hospital. My best regards and blessings to you all. Gunnar L "

Vorlage für ein Schmetterling tattoo mit Blumen

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Haar clips crochet häkeln Schmetterlinge

Leaves and Butterflies: 17 ★ Oh Christmastree...

Liebesbotschaft: Warum Schmetterlinge zu Weihnachten passen.

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