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Erkunde Wikinger Trägerrock, Meine Arbeiten und noch mehr!

Wikinger Trägerrock

Kunderenauftrag Wikinger Trägerrock und Unterkleid für ein Kind

Kobolds Kerkerbastelei Finished apron dress

Here are a few educational links to the primary research, inspired by this image:,,,,

anglosaxon clothing reference by ~SaoirseFire (deviantART)

This is a typical tunic dress of middle class Norman/English style in the late 11thand early 12th C. -------------------------------------(the sleeves remind me of that in the Tacuinum Sanitatis, even though this is 12th and the Tacuinum is 14th. So this might be a good reference for making sleeves for a dress based on the Tacuinum)

Saxon Women Dress | Anglo-Saxon Clothing: NEN Gallery

"Arnegunde", 515-580 AD, Merovingian. What was being worn on the Continent, for comparison.(Anglo-Saxon)

Überkleid aus Pflanzen gefärbten Diamantköper aus 100% Wolle die Besätze sind aus Blauen Wollstoff komplett von Hand vernäht __________________________________ About Dress plants colored diamond twill made of 100 % wool trims are made of blue broadcloth completely hand stitched