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Erkunde Griechische Göttin, Götter Der und noch mehr!

Athene - die griechische Göttin der Weisheit

Tanishka's Astro Oracle: Full Moon in Pisces (Sneak Peak) Full moon is the time of the lunar month when we can feel loony, manic and want to howl at the moon, because we're so high on life, that sleeping isn't an option! That said, this full moon is in Pisces & so unlike most full moons, you may feel uncharacteristically lethargic, since Pisces is ruled by Neptune, planet of dreams and sleep. Those who have Pisces heavily aspected in their natal chart will feel this more than most.

Griechische Götter - Griechische Götter - Herakles besiegt den Drachen Ladon

Sechmet, die Göttin der wütenden Liebe

Aeon Aeon deals with our journey and constant transformation through time. It denotes both endings and beginnings, our ability to redeem ourselves through action, and hope for the future. Aeon teaches us to accept our past--embrace it as an essential component of our being--but not to allow it to keep our spirits from moving towards the future and finding our personal utopia.

Griechische Götter - Die Geschichte von Athenes Geburt aus dem Kopf von Zeus

Maiden Mother Crone! Hecate my Goddess

Auguste Rodin | Eve After The Fall

Von Gottheiten zu Göttern