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Erkunde Leitartikel, Green One und noch mehr!

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Little Green Men

Leitartikel,Green One

Marcia McNutt - Editor-in-Chief "Science" - referring to CAGW: The time for debate has ended. Action is urgently needed. What a fool, debate in science is never over. This is an example of the pin heads running Science Magazine. Good for wrapping fish, nothing else.

The new evangelization requires the church's leaders to actually engage those they seek to evangelize. It requires, too, that we stop reducing the preaching of the Gospel to a congeries of social justice principles or a list of sexual do's and don'ts. We must preach about the person of Jesus Christ who, self-evidently, did not inaugurate world peace nor universal chastity.

Editorial: Ferguson burns. Time for Justice Department to act.

Editorial: Ferguson Burns. Time for justice department to Act : stltoday - 11/25/14 #Ferguson


The Meaning of the Ferguson Riots

This is just good photojournalism accompanying today's editorial from The New Times on the events in Ferguson, Mo. A shout out to all the journalists reporting from Ferguson, and elsewhere!

Editorial: Ferguson burns. Time for Justice Department to act. : News

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