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New Anatometal labret! After downsizing my...

von Etsy

Violett Opal Feuer Hoop 16G Lippenring, Knorpel, Septum, Helix, Nippel, Bauch, Augenbraue, Tragus, Rook, Hufeisen Barbell, benutzerdefinierte Ring 16G 14G

Violett Opal Feuer Hoop 16G Lippenring Knorpel von Purityjewel

von Child of Wild

Zhangmu Banjara Necklace


Ugh this combination of piercings is beyond gorgeous. Matching gold jewelry #lip #septum #philtrum #medusa #labret #ring #piercing

Gorgeous. I love the medusa piercing - I have my lip pierced in the centre and the same nostril as well, getting the itch ...

Nostril piercing by Leo Ziebol of 5 Point Studios. Jewelry by BVLA.

von Etsy

Kleine Nase Ring - Septum Nasenring - Knorpel Ring - Helix Ring - Knorpel-Piercing - Piercing - Helix Piercing - Piercing Nase - Ohrring


BVLA solid yellow gold Toltec ends with genuine blue diamonds, picked by @lisamaratene and of course a septum clicker by Body Gems.