Erkunde Decken Uhr, Deckenbeleuchtung und noch mehr!


The incredibly beautiful Icarus OLED Lights look ready to illuminate any dark spots in your life. Captivating and innovative, the lights seem to have a mind of their own. Seven wings on each side of the spine open and illuminate in a rhythmic dance and can be configured as per whim.

Double C. Future - Produkte - Ingo Maurer GmbH #OLEDDesign

Early Future - Produkte - Ingo Maurer GmbH #OLEDDesign

Mantha Rhei, OLED based flexible lamp.

Shaped by Light Designer: Wesley Meyer

Deckenleuchte LG Display #OLEDDesign

Whisper Wind - Produkte - Ingo Maurer GmbH

OLED-Lampe Sky #OLEDDesign

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