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A light-up cord to resuscitate a dying cell phone as you work.

Enjoy a warm fire at home without needing a built in fireplace. These modern wall mounted fireplaces will add character to any home and require no logs to keep the fire going, instead they use a safe and clean burning liquid ethanol as a fuel source.

Set the world on fire with these Earth shaped fire pits. Designed for heavy use by using thick hand cut carbon steel that features an iron oxide finish, these unique hand crafted fire pits will provide you with years of aesthetically pleasing yet functional fires.

AutoWed is precisely what it appears to be: a vending machine that performs instant marriages, infusing the Big Day with all the romance of a fire hydrant. Insert money, and it’ll mumble through your basic wedding rites (press one for “I do” or press two to “escape”). Then the 8-foot-tall gadget, spits out a pair of plastic eggs with rings inside and a personalized wedding receipt. It finishes with a receipt for 10% off Auto Divorce. ... are you kidding me?!

A liquid-free, reusable touchscreen cleaner for your smartphone, tablet, GPS or any other touchscreen device.

A mini fireplace heater for instant, portable coziness.

Empty your bowels (not your wallet).

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