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Erkunde Und Automatisierungen, Regeln Und und noch mehr!

Die Zipabox im Alltag – so erstellst du Regeln und Automatisierungen

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7Sensors Grow Box will automatically care for your plants, from produce to pot

7Sensors Grow Box will automatically care for your plants from produce to pot #Startups #Tech

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Carly Okyle

What Consumers Want -- and Don't Want -- From the Internet of Things (Infographic)

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Smart Homes: Our Next Digital Privacy Nightmare

The hyper-connected smart home of the future promises to change the way we live. More efficient energy usage, Internet-connected appliances that communicate with one another and cloud-enhanced home security are just some of the conveniences we'll enjoy. It's going to be amazing. It will also open up major questions about privacy:

Living room inspiration (digging the integration of desk, entertainment center, shelves, and tv; not a fan of lounge chair though)

How To Build A Smart Home Sensor. This device monitors the temperature, humidity, noise, and light level for any room. It can even track the number of people who enter...

Nerd++: Controlling Dioder RGB LED Strips With Arduino, Pt. 1 - Getting Started - Tales From An Unchecked Mind

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How to make heat blocking curtains for $6

How to Make Heat Blocking Curtains for $6. These go behind your blinds/regular curtains in the summer to keep sun and heat from penetrating your window.

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Deck Pictures From HGTV Smart Home 2015

Pictures of the HGTV Smart Home 2015 Deck | HGTV