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Abu Dhabi is quite famous for its modern era buildings, one of most famous visitor attraction in Abu Dhabi is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, where people love to visit and see the great Islamic Religious Structure

Thailand is famous for its wats and temples , where you can get new temples their are many ancient structures from old time that still exists and people love to visit there

If you are from European or American side and you are searching for a new destination to explore as tourist then trust me Dubai is the BEST destination that you can't afford to miss

Abu Dhabi a place you must visit

Thailand famous for its natural safari parks

Thailand world most amazing beaches and food spot. you will love to visit Thailand especially newly weds love to travel Thailand for honeymoon

For the past few years the tourism in Jordan has greatly increased and people are just so much in love with Jordan. Many of the tourists who have recently visited Jordan plan to visit it again because of the great hospitality they have received in this country.

Abu Dhabi organize many sports events each year like golf, cricket matches, F1race, Sailing races and many more if you are a true sports lover you will love to travel to Abu Dhabi

Dubai is quite famous destination for holidays now days and getting more popular with its amazing buildings, parks and international events held their like International fashion festival or international Film Festival or Shopping Festival and many more