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Coconut Oil Pulling Chews With Teeth Whitening Turmeric - I know, they’re the color of Cheetos and you’re probably wondering if you’re being punked right now, but I’m totally serious. These coconut oil pulling chews support oral health and include turmeric, which whitens teeth naturally.

Essential oil recipes

[ DIY: Healing Herbal Salve Reicpe ] Cottonwood Bud salve, Oregano & Eucalyptus Salve, Calendula. Describes Cold Infusion and Hot Oil Extract methods. ~ from

List of carrier oils and their benefits for hair and skin.

26 Tiny Life Changes That Actually Make A Big Impact - Repinned by Chesapeake College Adult Ed. We offer free classes on the Eastern Shore of MD to help you earn your GED - H.S. Diploma or Learn English (ESL) . For GED classes contact Danielle Thomas 410-829-6043 For ESL classes contact Karen Luceti - 410-443-1163 .

Six ways to practice self-love.

19 Lazy-Person Tips To Be Healthier Without Even Trying


Finding ways to reduce stress and therefore, cortisol levels is beneficial to your long-term health -

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